To Mr Jim Carrey

Dear Mr. Carrey,

A couple of years back I was in Malibu at the home of Frank Davis who lives next door to your Malibu beach house. I was kicking back on the stairs leading down to the beach and recall having a brief conversation with your brother about his paddle board. So I was watching your brother and his friend paddle boarding and thinking that’s the bomb, just taking some non-pressured time enjoying nature like that, and then it hit me for no apparent reason – Dick – York.

I thought it would be nice if someone did a movie about him because he was really an underestimated actor who early in his career had a back accident in the late 50’s on the set of a film which limited his future acting abilities and which got him addicted to pain killers.

Then I was thinking who could do that and do it justice. I was watching the guys on the ocean paddling around, sipping my coffee and then thought, well Jim Carrey is pretty robust when it comes to character acting and comedy and would be awesome, could totally pull off a role like that and bring real substance to a character role portraying the late actor.

He basically died broke, bedridden and from emphysema but he is an inspiration for the way he just kept moving forward regardless of his pains and tragedies to campaign for the homeless.

For a long time I wanted to try and post this suggestion somewhere that you or someone you know might see it but never got around to it. Its finally nagged me so much over this time that I decided to post on your Twitter as well as write this in hopes it finds its way to a search engine and maybe to yourself.