Magnet Train Science Project

This is a project I helped (instructed) my son make for his science class. It consists of two neodymium magnets, a AA battery and 14 gauge solid copper wire. I couldnt find bare wire at Home Depot so I had to shave the casing off the wire with a blade. Find bare wire if possible to save time.

The magnets create a current when they touch the copper wire resulting in one magnet providing forward pull while the other provides rear thrust which allows the mock train to travel through the copper wire coil.

I used a swifter handle to wind mine because it provided the 5/8 diameter needed for the coil to allow the battery and magnets to fit.

You can make a longer coil and even form it in a circle. the mock train will travel round and round until the battery essentially dies.

This project can also be made with AA battery or even smaller, provided you create the coil proportionate to the battery and magnets that make up the mock train. Its a fun experiment.