New camera app – VSCO Cam

This is going to be a bit short. In Instagram I had started to notice that a large amount of posters were using #VSCOCAM so I decided to look into it and in doing so I found VSCO Cam which is created by a company named Visual Supply Co. I remember this company actually as a creator of filters and other presets for products such as Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

The above photos are screenshots taken from my iPhone 3GS to show you some of the various screens of the product, any copyrights belong solely to Visual Supply Co. While VSCO cam will allow you to upload photos to most social networks or your created (VSCO) Grid, one aspect I like about VSCO Cam is that they are not focusing on creating any kind of a social network like Instagram and a few others but more focus on preservation of things like the photos composition, lighting and subject matter with a few filters.

If you are an Instagram user, VSCO Cam is a great companion app for taking the photos to upload to their service although I have used it to take pictures to post to Facebook. I like this app because it works great on my iOS devices (iPhone 3GS and iPad 3rd Gen) and for its simplicity of being focused on taking photos without any extra flashy crap. A straight off iPad version is not available yet but I gather is forthcoming but you can install the iPhone version to the iPad and it functions just fine. The only one thing I currently dislike is the lack of a version for my Nexus 7 tablet.

I personally suggest giving VSCO Cam app a try, worst case is you will end up uninstalling it and that will be that.

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