Nexus 7 Cover Project

I never got around to posting this project before but I see all those cases online that cost a lot so I decided to try and make one myself. Not too bad really for a first try. If I make a second one I will certainly use this one for the template. The materials I used were a small writing notebook I had got from a bookstore a long while back, some hobby wood from a crafts store and a map of the titanic from a National Geographic for the backing.

I do’t have a lot of power tools but a jigsaw would have been great for this. Instead I used my cordless drill to drill around the frame and a hand saw to cut out the holes. The jigsaw would have saved me, oh I dunno, an hour or more.┬áSo once the frame was cut out I used a wood rasp to knock out the rough parts and then course to fine sandpaper to smooth the frame out and then when I was satisfied with it I stained the frame with a mahogany stain and a coat of varnish.

For the backing of the cover I used a map of the Titanic from a National Geographic and glued that in place which looked good. Last I added an elastic band around the book to help keep it closed. I have some magnets but this looked a bit classier. Not bad for one afternoon and a little imagination. All-in-all this project cost me less than $5, just for the wood really.

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