New ukulele project

Working on a project for my Aunt who asked me to make my cousin a ukulele. She asked me a month or so ago and I finally found a nice Oliva cigar box to use for this project.

I really don’t have any extravagant power tools to work with past a couple cordless and do quite a bit using a handsaw, rasps and some wood carving tools.

One day I’ll get a nice table scroll saw from Harbor Freight or something but right now I kind of like the manual labor that goes into making something as it is a sort of therapy really. If it’s too easy then where’s the fun in that?

Below is my gallery of making this project from beginning to finish as well as making of a nice simple stand for it out of another cigar box I had laying around. The stand is a bit nice as the it will allow for storing picks, strings and even a tuner inside of it.

[foogallery id=”2666″]