Cigar Box Electric Guitar

This is my first cigar box electric guitar that I started last July. Actually I started collecting parts for it back in July but didnt get around to start building it until September. The pickup is the one I made a few projects back, specifically to be used for this guitar project.

I used some small aluminum tubing that I bought at Ace Hardware to fit between the string ferrules and the bridge which will allow the strings to run right on through the body.

The ferrules, bridge and jack plate I bought online from bezdez on eBay. Some real good deals to be had from his store. Other miscellaneous parts like audio pots and jack I either had or got from Radio Shack.

The copper tape that I used for the inside of the cigar box I bought at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) for $8 versus other places that wanted upwards to $25. Ridiculous!

I’ll have a logo made to put on the wooden volume and tone plate. Its that size actually in the event I get inclined to add a second pickup so I have a place to put a three way switch.

I took my time with this one and it came out nicely. Plays nice as well.

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