Earthquake School Project

One of my boys had a science project this past year on Earthquakes where he had to create a building and show why his building design would be better than any others. I suggested he create two buildings on a shake table to show one building that wobbles and one that stands firm.

Living next to a crafts store supplied the bits of hobby wood and foam necessary for the project. I supplied the project technical support for him, a couple of hand tools and some glue. He got an A+ on it.

QuakeFeed app for iPhone


I have been using an application on my iPhone for a while called QuakeFeed. After searching around the net and trying a couple of different apps geared at earthquake reporting I find this one the best so far. More so because in its being offered as free there are absolutely no ads, its ad free, nothing pesky to popup and hold screen real estate hostage.

The applications main pro’s are its user intuitiveness, screens that work in both landscape and portrait mode – nice when you are viewing a map – and that it has social integration for Facebook and Twitter. Within the app I did see an option though to upgrade to a Pro version for $1.99 that offers additional custom notifications but that is about the only difference I see between free and Pro.

QuakeFeed is pretty feature rich as it is so purchasing for the custom notifications does not seem entirely necessary. However, if you like the app I urge you to purchase, if anything to support the continued product development. To see the full gamut of what QuakeFeed offers, please navigate to the product website via the link here, please enjoy the screenshots from my iPhone.


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