Contest Hopeful

So I was asked to enter a couple of my ukulele creations in a contest so will see what becomes of it. Doesnt really matter what the prize is, I think a $50 something card or whatever, but it would just lay some recognition for my hobby and give me a light bragging right. I have entered two of my uke’s, my Cheapster (Tenor) and my Ugly Paddle Boy (Concert). Ain’t a uke until its got a nickname.


New Ukulele project – Tenor

I decided try a build based off of another Ukulele builders article in BUST Magazine, Shelley Rickey, ( It started out looking exactly like her plans but as she hinted in her own plans, play around with the design, be creative, so I played around with design quite a bit. This is my second cigar box ukulele build but I’m still going to do a dead set repro of Shelley’s design when I get a chance.

Weekend Ukulele Project – April 27

In between having some electronic work done in our home I slapped together a Ukulele project from a cigar box and scrap wood I had. I also cut some old mechanical classic guitar tuners in half and used those for the tuners, since I wasnt going to use them for anything, just dont like to throw away stuff. Will fret it, string it up and see how she plays once I can get to the guitar store and pick some up. Actually the three bottom of a classical guitar are the same diameter so I may only need the lower note string. We’ll see. Its concert size, overall length is 24 inches, scale from nut to bridge is 15 inches and it will have 18 frets. I bought an oil splash screen (used when cooking in a skillet) from 99 Cent Store, cut that up and glued pieces to cover the sound holes. There is also a piezo pickup and jack installed which are not clearly seen.