Best definition for Autism

After quite some time I think I have found the best neutral definition for Autism. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

I saw this someplace and it hit me. I thought to myself “Finally!” There’s no hint of segregation, no directed blame, no excuses, no threatening verbiage, no use of words like retardation, no implications that it must run in the genes of your family somewhere, just a nice sentence with four normal words “disorder of neural development”. Thank you science community for giving people like my son some dignity.

Wasting Time in the McDonald’s Line . . . .

IMG-20111202-01695Why do I subject myself to this kind of punishment? Yes, I am out in the street, wasting gas at idle, sighing like my fellow humans (being politically correct and not singling out male, female or those in between)  turned idiot because we want that jump start of American, over-priced, high in fat, sodium and other shit we call breakfast.

So in the slow paced line that crept ever slower up to the order speaker I started to think……

I can’t specifically recall seeing Ronald McDonald eating a single thing in their commercials, hmmmm. I have also noticed that not a lot of modern McDonald’s commercials actually include Ronald McDonald.

I have to wonder how many clown phobia people stay away from McDonald’s because they are either afraid of or just plain hate clowns. I wonder how many Ronald McDonald’s have ever been subjected to PETA attacks while out representing the company over all the chickens, cows or horses that were killed. How much does a man have to get paid to dress up like the Joker’s punk-assed version of a lame twin?

I just Googled Ronald McDonald attacked and am amused with the results. The list is not exactly what I was looking for but it made me laugh just the same. Oh well, I’m finally next in line.