C# Programming out of need – Getting IP and MAC Addresses

getipmac-ipThis is my C Sharp project for getting IP and MAC addresses. Code kudos go out to respective developers and websites, such as MSDN, stackoverflow, C# Corner and others I have left out but all code is in the public domain and modified by me to fit my needs.

As far as I am concerned my projects are as-is and there is nothing code efficient in my projects so please don’t beat me up too bad over any of it.

I am not a professional programmer in any regard but do consider myself a coder, this is just my slapped together get ‘er done tool befitting my personal need. If you want to comment on my project offline send me an email at stevegossett (AT) outlook.com

You will need .NET 4.5 installed for this C# project and you will need to right-click on the
project name from within the IDE and add references to:

  • System.Management
  • System.Management.Instrumentation

Download Project


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