My New Old LS800 Tablet Part 2

I ran my first wave of Windows Performance Toolkit and copied the generated ETL files to a folder for later processing. The files I am interested in have a naming convention of boot_BASE+CSWITCH_ and are numbered 1 thru 5 for the iterations of each boot. For all ETL files created throughout this test, I will process them and add their individual summary charts to my blog to show performance increases or decreases.

So, the first Windows PC tune-up software I am going to run with on my tablet for my case study is a product called System Mechanic made by iolo technologies, currently in version 10 ( to be more exact). They update their product on a regular basis both as an entire application and what they call, what I’ve seen been called within their software anyways, Tune-Up Definitions. Might talk more about that later at some point but if at any time I update their software I will duely make note of it along the way.

So I had previously downloaded System Mechanic 10 (and I’ll plainly use SM or SM10 at times) from their website and installed it. I do like how quickly it installs and how it generally presents itself as a no-nonsense lets get it going application.

SM10 has a few automatic options that I chose to disable for any possibility of interference with my first round of this case study so under the Options menu I went to the ActiveCare tab, Edit Advanced Options and changed the Frequency to ever 24 hours, Exceptions to not start between 12 AM and 12 AM and then went back to the Boot-Time tab and also selected to not strat between 12 AM and 12 AM.

I saved the settings, exited SM10 and then ran Windows Performance Toolkit. This will give a measurement of the system performance after simply installing the product but not running any of its tools.

Windows Performance Toolkit has finished so I copied the generated ETL files to later process.
Disabled automatic options
Exited SM
Running WPT
Finished. Copied files to X:LabsLS800Test 1Step 2 installsm_no updates

Running SM Deep analysis
Repairing all problems found
Repaired. Restart required. Restarting tablet.
Running WPT

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