Cigar Box Amp

My Aunt gave me an old cigar box some time back which has been sitting on my closet shelf so I decided to make a small practice amplifier out of it. I didn’t want to ruin the aesthetics of the box so I wanted to do something with it that was not very intrusive.

The electronics of the amp is made using an LM386 audio amplifier, similar to RunOffGroove’s Little Gem schematic and a 3 watt speaker. The speaker, power button and knobs¬†will be housed under the lid of the cigar box as well as the input jack but I might make that the only thing intrusive on the back of the box.

For a speaker cover, I decided to do something a bit 30’s art deco to sort of match the label on the inside of the lid and drew out a cover. The wood for it is from the bottom of a cigar box from a project I screwed up on but saved the scrap. I drilled a couple of pilot holes in the spaces that were to be removed and did the rest with a carpenters knife, a small Japanese pull saw and some small files. I’ve been working on it infrequently during weekends but got quite a bit of it done over this past Christmas time. So far the project is coming along nicely.

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